Saturday, April 4, 2009

This my 100th Post!

Last night we had a fun time with my sis and her hubby. Britt and Dan came over for some ice cream and games and we all had a blast! 

We had some Thin  Mint ice cream- complete with a thin mint on top!

We played some Scattergories...

Notice the lovely pose Marcus is making. He was being offended because we were all cracking up at something he said:
The letter was B and for "things found in a desk" he wrote BRUSH. For "something you wear" he wrote BRA. We were cracking up saying, "You wrote that there is a brush in your desk and that you wear a bra!?!?!?" 
He responded with, "I DO NOT have a desk!"

HAHAHA...there was no denial of the brush or the bra. We found it hilarious, but he was embarrassed. Too funny.

Dan is not much of a gamer, but he participated AND enjoyed himself with this one!

Sorry Britt, I CANNOT figure out how to get this pic right side up. Just tilt your head, folks. :)

I was posing for this one, but still, I had loads of fun.

On an unrelated topic, as of Thursday, my ankles were feeling tons better! I was no longer limping and was actually starting to see my little bony ankles through my skin since the swelling was down! Praise God! My two weeks of not working out is over, so this morning Marcus and I decided to enjoy the weather and walk up to our fave local restaurant, Rhapsody Cafe, for some yummy breakfast. Walking there and back was fine!! About 10 minutes after we got home and I was sitting down reading, lo and behold my ankles suddenly started throbbing. I guess going for a run is still out of the picture for awhile. :( So, I dealt with the pain and we went outside to play some catch...warming up for softball season, which is right around the corner! Hooray! 


The Hangs said...

Can I come over for Scatergories? I LOVE THAT GAME!! :) Was Marcus sticking up his middle finger? :) (oh it's the pencil) we should bring the kids to watch a softball game. As long as they aren't TOO early! :)
Enjoy this AWESOME day!

Brittney said...

hahahaha that night of scattergories was HILARIOUS... i was laughing out loud reading your post