Friday, April 30, 2010

Top Ten Things I'm Going to Miss -#7

Continuing on...sorry it's been awhile!

#7-  Apartment Living
 Apartment living is great. The space is small, the cleaning is minimal. If you forget something in another room, it's only a few paces to go get it. I really like living in a small place and the thought of having to go "all the way upstairs" to retrieve something at house is something new to me. Also, if you hear sounds in an apartment, it's okay, because you're supposed to hear sounds. In a house, when you hear sounds, they can be creepy because no one else is supposed to be in the house besides you!

We have lived in this apartment for almost five years. Marcus moved into in May 2005 and I moved in after our wedding in July. It's been a wonderful place for us to start our marriage and I'm going to miss it!

Here's a pic of the packing process...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Top Ten Things I'm Going to Miss -#6

Continuing on in my series...

# 6- French Horn students

Okay, so I complain about teaching horn lessons almost every time I go to teach them, but, if I'm honest, I'm going to miss these girls. I teach four eighth grade girls in Deerfield, Libertyville, and Glenview, and they really are a lot of fun. I've been working with a couple of them since they were in fourth grade, which is weird for me to think about! A couple of them I've really gotten to know after seeing them weekly for years. Besides the "easy money," I really enjoy encouraging these girls to keep playing, keep practicing, and to work toward their best potential. I hope I can hand them off to a good teacher when I leave and that they will continue a lifelong love of playing. 

The only pic I have of any of horn students is this one, when she starred as Mulan in her middle school's production of the musical. :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Top Ten Things I'm Going to Miss -#5

There are so many things I'm going to miss about our lives in Chicago, but for now I want to describe...

#5- The Hawthorn School District

Back in 2004, I was first introduced to the Hawthorn District by the junior block program at Trinity. I observed in a first grade classroom at Hawthorn Elementary North two days a week and did some teaching at that time as well. I built a great relationship with the cooperating teacher and we made plans for the following year for me to student teach with her. In 2005, I student taught with Rachel and I grew to love the Hawthorn District even more. In the fall of 2005, I was hired as an instructional assistant at Hawthorn Elementary South. I met a whole host of fabulous teachers and administrators who helped me grow in my teaching abilities and make the connections necessary to land a job in 2006 as a third grade teacher at Hawthorn Townline Elementary.

What a life change this has been! I will always and forever cherish the friendships I have built at Townline (and throughout the district) and the hundreds of students I have had will always hold a dear place in my heart (although that's hard to say when it's almost May!). :) I have been so blessed to get to work in this district for my first job and I know that the foundation it has provided me will only lead to future success, whatever I do and wherever God leads me.

(The crazy third grade teachers I love working with)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Top Ten Things I'm Going to Miss -#4

Continuing on in my series, today on the top then things I'll miss the most about life in Chicago:

#4- Erica 

Many of you blog readers have the privilege of knowing Erica. I consider her my best friend in Chicago. We met in college when she transferred to TIU in 2002. We got along great then, but post-college was when we really developed our friendship.

I admire her in so many ways for her hospitality (I have "lived" with the Hangs before, and will again this coming May for a bit), for her mothering (she is an AMAZING, inspiring mother and I hope to attain to her standard someday), for her kindness and for her servant's heart.

She is such an amazing, inspiring, kind person. I absolutely love spending time with her. One of my favorite things about my friendship with Erica is our honesty. Together, we can talk about anything, even the "hard stuff" and get down deep into each other's lives. She helps me keep a Godly perspective and prays for me often. Summers with Erica will be something I'll miss the most. In the summers, we hang out frequently- sometimes we go weeks when we hang out every day! We do fun things together and we do nothing together. 

She is a blessing in my life and I will truly miss her. I know we will continue to remain close friends, even though miles will separate us. She is an indelible, integral part of my life. 

 (Erica- this is like the only picture I have of us!!!)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Top Ten Things I'm Going to Miss -#3

I told you these were in no particular order. This one I'll miss the most.

#3- My Sister

My sister lives two doors down from us with her hubby. It is SOOO fun to have them as neighbors. I get to hang out with her at least once a week if not more. We go to church and small group together, we have dinner at each other's apartments, we play games together, we hang out, I visit her while she nannies, we run errands together and much, much more. It is SUCH a blessing to have my sister so close and I'm going to miss her terribly when we go. Thankfully, she and Dan will be right behind us in moving...well, in a couple years...but still. 

I love my sister!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Top Ten Things I'm Going to Miss -#2

The second thing on my list (in no particular order) of things I'm going to miss when we move is...

#2- Chicago and the suburbs

I LOVE the city.
I love going to shows, sporting events, shopping downtown, sitting in traffic, parking in garages, seeing the skyscrapers, walking along Lake Michigan, going to the beach, the zoos, the concerts, Ravinia, forest preserves, farmers' markets, the history, the character, the diversity, EVERYTHING. There is really not one single thing that I don't love about living in the Chicago-area.

This place is fabulous. Even though we haven't actually lived downtown, it will always be my deep down desire to do so. I love being a part of anything when we go down there, but the suburbs are also nice. I love the little "downtown" each suburb has and I love all of the public transportation that can be used to travel between them. I frequent to Metra and also enjoy using the El to get around downtown from time to time. I also like the cab rides and just plain old WALKING from place to place. I love our local library, local bike shop, bank, bakery, post office, and train station.

The place holds a dear place in my heart and I will truly miss all that Chicago, along with Deerfield and the rest of the northern suburbs, have to offer.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Top Ten Things I'm Going to Miss- #1

This list of the top ten things I'm going to miss the most when we leave Chicago is in no particular order.
Please enjoy. :)

#1: The Moody Church
 Our church home is so important to us. The ministries and people at this church have stretched us and grown us spiritually in ways that are indescribable. Just a few of the things we've been blessed to apart of for the past four years include: orchestra, praise band, Covenant (Sunday school class), small group, VBS, Angel Tree, softball, retreats, India STAMP trip, Charasia, and much more. The Lord has used Moody in our lives in a tremendous way and I know we will deeply grieve the loss of this in our lives when we move. We praise God for the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing place.

Friday, April 2, 2010

It's been awhile!

Sorry I've been MIA lately.

I have been seriously busy! But, haven't taken too many pics...

Getting ready for the big move and I'm excited to announce that I am starting a new blog series.
Maybe I will even start it today!

I am going to do 10 posts on what I'm going to miss the most about our life here and then 10 posts on what I'm most excited about for our new life in Moline.

Stay tuned. :)