Thursday, April 22, 2010

Top Ten Things I'm Going to Miss -#6

Continuing on in my series...

# 6- French Horn students

Okay, so I complain about teaching horn lessons almost every time I go to teach them, but, if I'm honest, I'm going to miss these girls. I teach four eighth grade girls in Deerfield, Libertyville, and Glenview, and they really are a lot of fun. I've been working with a couple of them since they were in fourth grade, which is weird for me to think about! A couple of them I've really gotten to know after seeing them weekly for years. Besides the "easy money," I really enjoy encouraging these girls to keep playing, keep practicing, and to work toward their best potential. I hope I can hand them off to a good teacher when I leave and that they will continue a lifelong love of playing. 

The only pic I have of any of horn students is this one, when she starred as Mulan in her middle school's production of the musical. :)

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