Friday, April 30, 2010

Top Ten Things I'm Going to Miss -#7

Continuing on...sorry it's been awhile!

#7-  Apartment Living
 Apartment living is great. The space is small, the cleaning is minimal. If you forget something in another room, it's only a few paces to go get it. I really like living in a small place and the thought of having to go "all the way upstairs" to retrieve something at house is something new to me. Also, if you hear sounds in an apartment, it's okay, because you're supposed to hear sounds. In a house, when you hear sounds, they can be creepy because no one else is supposed to be in the house besides you!

We have lived in this apartment for almost five years. Marcus moved into in May 2005 and I moved in after our wedding in July. It's been a wonderful place for us to start our marriage and I'm going to miss it!

Here's a pic of the packing process...