Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Part Five -Final one!

Today's post is just of some group shots on Christmas Day...lounging around, relaxing, and hanging out.

Here we are at my parents' house...

Brittney teaching Rowan how to play the game she and Dan got him...I believe it's called "Boogie!"

Just lounging around...probably watching "A Christmas Story."

Pile up!

Family photo! Sorry, I couldn't get the red-eye out. I think my parents are sending this out with New Year's cards since we didn't get to take a picture at Thanksgiving for Christmas cards.

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve and I hope you all have a very happy new year! We leave for India Thursday and I will definitely post some info about that as some of you have requested.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Part Four

Now on to the Carleton Christmas...

For Carleton Christmas, we go over to my parents' house for a yummy Christmas breakfast and open gifts. These pictures aren't really in order, but they all took place that morning...

Marcus got my sister SIMS to replace the one she lost. It has two games in one plus some extra stuff! I want to play, B!!

Britt and Brandon got my dad Deal or No Deal- a game to play on the TV. It really looks like you're on the show! Also...a Bruce Lee DVD set.

Haha, a little snowball-throwing cardinal I got my mom in Pentwater back in October.

Of course, I got Rowan BOOKS! He'll thank me some day.

My mom put soup in my brother's box so he wouldn't guess it was just a watch by the weight. Good one!

I got Dan some Bears gear.

We all chipped in and got my mom a new set of dishes to match the kitchen and dining room they recently remodeled.

Rowan randomly picked up this bubble wrap and announced, "I'm George Washington!"

Marcus was THRILLED by his coffee grinder from my parents.

Rowan got quite a few DS games.

...and tried to play them wearing my dad's glasses!

Too bad I didn't get any pics of me with my holiday Barbie that I got!! I love it!!!

One more post tomorrow of a few group shots and then we're done! :)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Part Three

At the Anderson family Christmas, we started our first annual gingerbread house contest! It was a blast and I laughed hysterically throughout the building process. We drew names for our teams, had rules, and a unbiased judge (my brother) came over.

Here is the roof that Robin and I made...which ended up collapsing because it was so heavy.

Here are Phil and Marcus working on what was later dubbed "The Tootsie Roll Temple"

Our roof collapsed, so when it came for judging we had to assemble it somehow otherwise it would have been disqualified. We went for the "loft" feel...although my brother ended up naming it the "Swiss Family Robinson Home"

Lindsey and Missy's house was the winner! "Theodore Graham House"

Brent (Marcus's Dad) and Becca's house...can't remember the name...came in second.

Scott and Joy's "Art Neco House"

The Tootsie Roll Temple by Marcus and Phil

Waiting in anticipation while the judge judges....

The winner!!! Look at that wreath!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Part Two

Continuing on with Christmas Eve...

Here I am with Lindsey.

The Anderson "kids"

Matching PJs...for almost all the girls.

Marcus posing all GQ with his new "Softer Than Cashmere" scarf

Our little Santa

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Part One

I'm going to borrow Erica's idea and spread out my many Christmas pics over the course of a few days, like she did for Thanksgiving.

We had a super short, but nice, trip to Moline for Christmas. Christmas Eve was spent with the Andersons and Christmas Day with the Carletons.

Here are Emma, Katie, and Maddy...not quite ready for my camera, but you take what you can get. :)

Marcus and I after church.

Maddy's teeth are still missing from this summer, but they're starting to come in!

The large tree loaded with gifts!!

Katie, ever growing!

More to come tomorrow... :) Hope you all had a great Christmas!