Saturday, December 13, 2008

Taking some time to do the fun stuff...

Today has started off well.

We slept in late, got up slowly, watched the latest episode of The Office in bed on the computer, and finally rolled out of bed. After finishing up a bit of homework, we went out to a late lunch at Potbelly's and then Marcus WENT GROCERY SHOPPING without me!
It was the best ever. He hates grocery shopping, but he went for me.

I stayed home and baked cookies for tonight's Christmas party we have with our Sunday school class.

I took a few moments to appreciate the small amount of Christmas decorations I've had time to put up this season so far. We're going kind of minimal this year for the sake of time and for the sake of cleanup right before we leave India.

Marcus had a great show last night and I've got a fun one coming up tomorrow. Although I've got a huge final hanging over my head, I'm trying to remain unstressed, calm, and appreciative of the season.

Here everyone, have a cookie!

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The Hangs said...

I want a cookie! :) I meant to get back to you... come over on Wed. :)