Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Whooping Cough?

Well, I know the suspense has been building and you all are wondering if I have whooping cough...and the answer is................


Turns out my doctor was somewhat lazy and didn't really feel like doing the swab test to see if I have whooping cough. (Which is fine with me because I hear it's a nasty and painful test.) SO, he said that it's either whooping cough or a sinus infection and that the antibiotic prescription is the same for both cases, so he just went ahead and prescribed it for me. So, I got the drugs to rid me of the whooping cough, if I have it. Then, in case it's just a sinus infection, he gave me the vaccine against whooping cough so I don't get it. But, I might have it. So, there you go. :) My friend at work who has whooping cough has taken it upon herself to say to me in a sinister, smiley, cough-stifled whisper, "You totally have it," every time she walks by me. haha. I guess we'll see how long this lasts, but the cough is pretty constant. My students are used to it by now and are okay with the fact that I often have to stop teaching to have a cough attack. The only downer to not getting formally tested is that my case, if confirmed, doesn't get added into the mounting number of cases at my school! Bummer! I mean, if I'm going to go through it all, I'd like some credit.

On a super positive note, I finished all my reading that is due tomorrow for class. I still have some typing up of my notes to do, but the reading was quite a feat. If you've been praying for me, I appreciate it!


The Hangs said...

Seriously, if you have to go through it you might as well get the sympathy! no school days off for it? C'mon!

Adrienne said...

New news...I got the test done officially. I'm out until Monday. Now they're pretty sure I've got it...I'll do a post when I get the test results back for sure. :(