Monday, December 22, 2008

(4th?) Annual Christmas Girls Weekend!

Our annual Christmas extravaganza was much smaller this year, with just the three of us CBF's, but that's okay. It was still fabulous and this time we branched out to a different venue. We stayed out in Oakbrook at a gorgeous Hyatt and shopped till we literally dropped into the hot tub!

Here are some random shots of lounging around and pigging out. We didn't do many pics this weekend, sorry!

There was no map in the chocolates box!

So, Meg and Jodi decided to just smell them to figure it out.

This was a bad one, but I'm posting it because it's funny. Jodi's half asleep, Meg's all ready to go, and my hands are GINORMOUS!!

A tad bit head is chopped off and I think I might have a tad too much bronzer on! Jodi's more awake and I think Meg looks good. She kind of has a question look on her face. lol.

Well, time to watch some Spanglish and wrap gifts! And tonight is one of my highlights of the holiday season- Do It Yourself Messiah with my friend Melody!! YAY!! I'm gearing up for another night out in the frigid Chicago winter.

(I didn't mention that last night at the train station in Wheaton I stood outside for 20 minutes in below 0 temps waiting for the dang Metra. My survival skills were kicking in and I was about to gather everyone else who was waiting into a huddle, but just then, the train came. Today I have red, blotchy, chapped cheeks on account of it!)

Also, I wanted to post pics from the annual Christmas event from 2007 and 2006. I think you'll be able to tell which is which. :)

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sarah lynn said...

adge! i love all the posted pics :)oh how i missed the annual christmas get together!! glad you girls had fun tho...thanks for the 2007 & 08 pics...made me smile!