Friday, December 5, 2008

Whooping Cough Take 2

Well...I went back to the doctor yesterday. The diagnosis has changed to "probably." I got the lovely swab shoved up my nose (worse experience to date) and my doctor upped the anty (sp?) on my dosage...about nine times as much as he originally put me on Monday. The county health department requires that I stay home until Monday. I feel pretty awful and am quite convinced I've got it. I'll find out soon. :)

On another note, I finally updated my picture up top- that's me with the necklace I got at the Mary Kay party!! I love that thing!! :)


The Hangs said...

POOR LADY!! That stinks! So, if you feel AWFUL, I guess it's safe to say I probably didn't have it. :) Or Kayleigh. I don't know. ANYWAY, glad you like the necklace!! No more scandalous spaghetti strap picture! HAHAH!!! :) Want me to bring you soup? I WILL!!

Life with Ash and Ave said...

It went around when I was student teaching and we lovingly called it "The Whoop." You poor thing! let me know if you need anything!