Thursday, December 18, 2008

Whooping Cough Take 5

Haha, I just had to use that title because Erica gave me the idea.

On the whooping cough front, I am still hacking up a lung every hour or so, but overall things are better. More phlegmy than before, but still blowing my nose tons and coughing more than I'd like. My favorite part about pertussis is when you have a little coughing fit and can't get enough oxygen for a real breath. :)

Anyway. I'm sure you're all dying to know what I did with my first night of no grad homework in months. Well, first, I came home with a killer migraine (Marcus thinks it was my body's way of getting out all of the stress I've been under this semester ??? Hmm, nice theory.) So, I took my prescription migraine meds and laid down for a snooze until about 7:00, when Marcus got home. When he got home we made some corn chowder together and had dinner. We watched a rerun of The Office, did laundry, and I baked cookies to give to my teammates tomorrow for much for that because school is canceled! I am officially on break.

That is fun, but also kind of weird since all day today we didn't know if we'd have school tomorrow so we were trying to do gifts and fun stuff that was originally planned for tomorrow, yet we didn't want to do it all in case there was school...yada yada yada. Anyway, I'll still be going in to work to make my sub plans for India. :)

Enjoy the snow everyone! We'll be getting tons. :)

And here...have another cookie. I hope you enjoy my virtually edible gifts.

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The Hangs said...

I read the title and I was like OH NO... what now?!?!?! But alas, just coughing up lungs... :)
NO I don't like your virtual gift because I CAN"T TASTE IT and it looks YUMMY!! :)