Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Part Three

At the Anderson family Christmas, we started our first annual gingerbread house contest! It was a blast and I laughed hysterically throughout the building process. We drew names for our teams, had rules, and a unbiased judge (my brother) came over.

Here is the roof that Robin and I made...which ended up collapsing because it was so heavy.

Here are Phil and Marcus working on what was later dubbed "The Tootsie Roll Temple"

Our roof collapsed, so when it came for judging we had to assemble it somehow otherwise it would have been disqualified. We went for the "loft" feel...although my brother ended up naming it the "Swiss Family Robinson Home"

Lindsey and Missy's house was the winner! "Theodore Graham House"

Brent (Marcus's Dad) and Becca's house...can't remember the name...came in second.

Scott and Joy's "Art Neco House"

The Tootsie Roll Temple by Marcus and Phil

Waiting in anticipation while the judge judges....

The winner!!! Look at that wreath!!

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The Hangs said...

you guys are so fun! :) I saw your house on fb. I was wondering what happened. makes sense now. too bad... you might have had a shot! :)