Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Top Ten Things I'm Going to Miss -#5

There are so many things I'm going to miss about our lives in Chicago, but for now I want to describe...

#5- The Hawthorn School District

Back in 2004, I was first introduced to the Hawthorn District by the junior block program at Trinity. I observed in a first grade classroom at Hawthorn Elementary North two days a week and did some teaching at that time as well. I built a great relationship with the cooperating teacher and we made plans for the following year for me to student teach with her. In 2005, I student taught with Rachel and I grew to love the Hawthorn District even more. In the fall of 2005, I was hired as an instructional assistant at Hawthorn Elementary South. I met a whole host of fabulous teachers and administrators who helped me grow in my teaching abilities and make the connections necessary to land a job in 2006 as a third grade teacher at Hawthorn Townline Elementary.

What a life change this has been! I will always and forever cherish the friendships I have built at Townline (and throughout the district) and the hundreds of students I have had will always hold a dear place in my heart (although that's hard to say when it's almost May!). :) I have been so blessed to get to work in this district for my first job and I know that the foundation it has provided me will only lead to future success, whatever I do and wherever God leads me.

(The crazy third grade teachers I love working with)