Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I want my cake and I'll eat it too!

Monday night was supposed to be the Sox opener. We had a party planned with our pals, Ovi and Esti. Due to the snow in Chicago, the game was postponed. The party, however, wasn't. But, we decided that as true fans, it's okay if the game was delayed. We'll wait for you, Sox. Tuesday they played and won! They're playing right's on the TV behind me, but it's not looking good for tonight. :( Oh well. 

Here is the angel food cake we ate at the party:

If any of you remember some of my past posts about Marcus rescuing some perfectly good cake from Deerfield's Bakery before it gets thrown out, then you won't be surprised that he brought this home yesterday. Apparently there were 3 or 4 cakes being dumped that customers never came to pick up. The guys at Marcus's work said they'd take them off the bakery's hands. Marcus got this one:

I don't know who Ansel is, but I'm glad his/her birthday occurred minus this cake. We ate some tonight as our celebration cake....we got the mortgage!!! :) The bank approved our loan!! :)

Now all we need is a job for me... :) Everything is still up in the air. As I keep telling people, it is 50/50. If I get a job, we'll go. If I don't, we'll stay...for another year. :)

By the time I finished typing this post, the Sox lost. :(

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