Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hair Cutting Day!

I spent yesterday at the Hang family's house! It was fun, as always. I did a lot of hair chopping! All of the Hang ladies got a new 'do.

Here's Kayleigh with her hair all wet, ready to go.

I didn't have a good "after" shot of her, so I stole this one from Erica's blog. :)Erica was ready to chop off her luscious looks so cute! I also did not get a good shot of the back of her hair, I was too busy taking pics with her awesome camera to get any good ones on mine, lol.

Selah was actually first, my pics are out of order. She was so scared at first! It was adorable. Her first haircut!

I just trimmed it up and added some layers. Too adorable....again, even better pics are on Erica's blog, if you have access to it, go see!
Malachi did not get his haircut and this is how he felt about it:

Haha, he didn't care really. Here's a cute little story about this darling kid:
I was trying to get him to look up at the camera, so enticingly I kept whispering,
He wouldn't look up. So, I went with this method:
"Malachi, look, Star Wars!"
He looked up. I snapped a picture. And me, being me, said, "April Fool's!" (It was April 1st) I got such a nasty look! It was priceless. I thought only girls could glare like that. Then, I asked him,
"Do you know what April Fool's is?" (assuming he didn't)
And he responded...
"Yes! It's when you say to someone, 'there's a spider on your back! APRIL FOOL'S!!!!"

LOL- he is one smart 4 year old.

Thanks for letting me spend a day with you, Hangs! I just love you all to pieces.

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The Hangs said...

we love you too! How do you know there wasn't really a spider on your back? haha... I got that one too. And Peter and my dad and my mom. :)