Monday, April 20, 2009


Wow! What a Monday! I wish all Mondays were so good!

It was 3:30 at work and I looked around and saw that my job was done. Everything for the next day was ready. All the papers were graded. Odd.

I leisurely stopped by Target on my way home and since there was no traffic so early on, I was home by 4:15. 

Over the weekend I finished all of my homework for grad school and am done for the semester. 
What does a busy bee like me do with herself at 4:15 with no homework to do and no papers to grade?

Well! Let me tell you! I got all caught up with my VBS prep-work (I was a little backlogged). 
I practiced my horn. 
I made dinner. 
I went to the gym. 
I made a dress!

Now that's what I call a good Monday. :)

Blue polka dots with a white glittery sash...

The pictures make it look bigger than it is. Maybe a size 3? 4? And it's not so satiny-shiny...I admit my camera is not the best. :)

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