Sunday, April 5, 2009

Saturday Fun

We had such an action packed weekend! Which you can probably tell by how much I'm posting lately! :)

Saturday was sooooooo good. We slept in until 11:15! We walked up to our fave place for brunch. We came back and Marcus worked in his shop and I sewed ALL afternoon...literally, until like 5:30.

Below are pictures of my accomplishment! I'm so excited. I love it! I made it from fabric I got from freecycle. I don't think the previous person used the two fabrics together, but I did! I'm taking orders! You are all getting this item for your birthday from now on, lol. Just kidding.

I'm proud of myself and thankful that Marcus pushed me on when I was getting frustrated. :)

Later that night, Marcus and his band had a show at a local coffee shop. They really did so great. And SURPRISE! His sisters, bro-in-law and nieces came!

At the end of the show, there was "one more song"....Zach, the lead singer, had written a song for his girlfriend and proposed at the end of it. Here is a pic of him after she said yes. So exciting! I knew about it ahead of time, so that was especially fun, lol. Congrats to Zach and Kaelee!!

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The Hangs said...

You guys are so fun!