Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Life before School...

Well...since SOMEBODY got on my case about not updating my blog, here I am sans pics and any exciting info! I've been chilling this week living up my last calm week before chaos starts.
Monday: Met with principal to discuss India trip in January. Accomplished with mediocre success. Continued to work in my room and set things up. Wow, I've got a long way to go!
Tuesday: Met with dear friend Rob to discuss grad school for Marcus. Please pray for him as he just cannot decide what to do. Was excited for yoga, then it was canceled. Cleaned the apartment and went to Erica's to hang (no pun intended...okay, yes it was) for awhile. Fun times and good conversation.
Wednesday: Yummy breakfast at Panera with hubster, dropped Marcus off at work, taught a horn lesson, and then up to Julie's for the day. We ran some errands for Avery's first birthday (she is one on Friday!!) and then went out to Panera for lunch. Yes, I went there twice in one day. Gotta love it! We hung out, I cut her friend's hair, and headed home. Fun times with her and her darling chitlins. Currently, dinner is cooking and the gang is waiting to go see movies: Dan and Marcus will go off to Batman and Britt and I will hit up Mamma Mia! (YES I get to see it AGAIN!!!) :)

Okay...the rest of my week is somewhat uneventful, thank you very much, so don't expect another posting too soon!



The Hangs said...

it's always a good thing to listen to friends. :) and fyi: love your hair for britt's wedding!

jodi jackson said...

adge, you are sooooooo tan!!!! the anniversary celebration sounds incredible! its crazy that its been 3 years. funness!!!!

and i never commented but i LOVE the 2 different ways you wore the wrap dress!!! i have worn it a couple times here but nothing nearly as creative as yours because i can't seem to get it to tie tight enough so that it doesn't feel like it is gonna fall off at any moment..... hmmmmm....

love ya CBF!!!