Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Heehee, only a Sox fan would understand my heading! It is my new slogan that I will put on a sign next game we go to...last night I thought of it too late and the sign making station was already closed.

We got to hit up another Sox game last night, this time with our friends, Ovi and Esti. It was really fun. We tailgated beforehand, which was a first for us. For some reason we were all somewhat sleepy, but nevertheless, we had a blast. The Sox won (of course) and I can't wait to go again sometime! :)

Hey Esti, what's that character on your shirt? ;)

Good seats again- almost the same place as the last game we went to.

Ovi took a good pic with his long arm.

Quentin hit a home run! (Probably to commemorate his biggest fan's home run that was scored at Saturday's Moody Softball League game) :)

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