Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Yes, I'm Still Here

I must say it comforts me to see that almost everyone on my "fave blogs" list has taken a blogging hiatus just like me! Things have been nuts lately! School has started and while that is back in full swing, I'm happy to report that come next week, the rest of life will slow down a bit. Perfect timing. :)

School has begun and I'm still feeling things out...this class seems overall pretty good. Of course, I totally miss my class from last year as they were the greatest class a teacher could ask for! I'm sure this class will be good too, as soon as I get to know them better! :)

I hope you are all doing well. I, for one, am going to hit the hay. I am totally exhausted from the nonstop action of this week...er, month. :)

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