Friday, August 29, 2008

Jonny Lang!

Last night we saw Jonny Lang at Ravinia! If you don't know who he is, I encourage you to "google" him. He is such a great musician (and quite attractive as well). ;) We had a blast. We were both so exhausted from our crazy week so we left right after he was done and didn't stay for the other guy playing. :) This was the first time we went to Ravinia without bringing dinner. We did this for two reasons: one, because we couldn't get there early enough because Marcus worked until 6:30. Two, because at concerts where it's someone really famous, there isn't much seating if you don't get there early! So, we didn't even bring a blanket or chairs or anything, knowing that we wouldn't find a spot anyway (plus, we knew we'd want to stand up close!) When we got there we began checking out the restaraunts at Ravinia, but didn't find anything that looked good or affordable. So, we decided to just get a pretzel and lemonade at a little stand and planned to go out to our fave, Rhapsody Cafe, afterward. Well, we got to Rhapsody too late after the concert and it was closed. We just went tonight instead! :) It was a two-night date night! I am sooooo looking forward to the long, relaxing weekend ahead. Like I've said in previous posts, this month has been nuts, so I hope to rest up!

Oops. While typing this I just realized I left my leftovers at the table at Rhapsody. Grr. I always do that! :)

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sarah lynn said...

adge!! i'm just catching up on your's SOOO CUTE!! i am going to call you sometime this weekend and catch you up on excited to hear about your busy life also! i am going to look up johnny lang now! ;)talk soon!