Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Some New Things

Sorry it's been awhile! Things have been very hectic. I know posts are pretty boring without pics, so maybe I'll add a random one, but this post is mainly going to be information. :)

1. VBS This week has been VBS at church. I praise God for all the kids He's bringing to Moody each day. Yesterday we had 247 and today it was 251. We are so excited! This year I am the Elementary Director, which meant a lot of work beforehand, but now that it's here, I just go with the flow and make sure everything that is supposed to be happening is happening. I love this administration side of things and although I am a teacher by profession, I really feel in my element when organizing and administrating programs like this. I am blessed by awesome volunteers and directors! I've also had the privilege of taking Erica's two oldest kids with me and since they're on my way to church, it works out great. I've been out of the house each day by 7:00 which is exhausting, yet getting me ready for school-- which starts soon!
2 Work Prep This week I've also been prepping for school. Both Monday and today I've had team meetings for about 4 hours in the evenings. It's overwhelming to think about how much we have to do before school starts. That being said, I am totally excited for this new year, I just wish I had a little bit more time to get ready for it! My room is nowhere near set up...
3. India Prep Sunday night was our first meeting to discuss our mission trip to India. The meeting lasted six hours and was GREAT! We got to meet and get to know our team a little bit and go over lots of logistics. We will be meeting a few times a month until we leave in order to plan more and get to know each other more. I am very excited and know that this will also keep me pretty busy this fall. We will be in India January 1-14. Please pray for us as we begin to raise support. It is a very expensive trip, but we are trusting in God to provide.
4. Grad School ...well, I start on the 27th. I've received all of my books EXCEPT the two I need to do homework in by the 27th. Go figure! I'm really excited for this as well. I was a little disappointed when Marcus decided that he is no longer doing the program with me, but I know that he is following God's leading, and I trust him to make good decisions.
5. Softball This past weekend we lost our first game. :( We've been having a great (undefeated) season, but we lost to the other team who is also undefeated. We play them again next week, so maybe we have a chance to win?? We'll see. It's been such a fun summer with softball again and I'm glad we've been able to play this summer.

Alrighty...sorry if this was a boring post, but I have been meaning to update people with some things in my life and I kind of like how a blog allows for me to compose a few less emails. Although I guess that is a little impersonal, eh? Well, you do what you can when you're busy. :)

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