Friday, August 15, 2008

Date Night at the Botanical Gardens

After a busy week of getting up early, working hard, and then meetings at school in the evenings, as well as various other events, Marcus and I came to the conclusion that we really didn't see each other this week. So, in an effort to combat that reality, he decided to take me out to the Botanical Gardens tonight. Last summer we rode our bikes there, but most of it was closed, so I didn't get to see much. Other than that, I had never been there. It was a gorgeous night, and it was so thoughtful of him to come up with something out of the ordinary for us to do. We ended the night with a stop at one of our favorite restaurants, Rhapsody Cafe, for chocolate cake and coffee. What a fun evening!

A crane! It was so pretty and peaceful.

We came home to this huge grasshopper on our apartment door. This pic doesn't show you the size, but I'd say it was at least two inches long. It was pretty cool.

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