Thursday, July 31, 2008

Three years ago on this date...

I said, "I do!" I am posting a wedding pic for posterity's sake. :)
To celebrate our anniversary, we went out the night before to stay in a really nice hotel in Northbrook. It was a 4-star hotel that we got on priceline for $220 less than the listed price! (If you don't use priceline, you should!) We decided to just eat dinner in the restaurant that is in the hotel. It is called "Rooks" and has this awesome chess theme. It was really fun. There were chess things everywhere. The food was delicious...and bonus, we were surrounded by business men and women who were dressed all snazzy and eating and drinking loads on the company's dollar. haha.
There was this cool vertical chess board. We would have played, but there were people sitting in the way.
The room was really nice. The decorating was very homey, not so hotel-y as some places.
Marcus was enthralled by the nice TV. We have a tradition of watching Law and Order marathons whenever we stay in hotels. Too bad there wasn't one on this time-- I'm thinking that's because we went on a Wednesday instead of a weekend.
The bed was SOOOOOOO comfy!
I was all settled in the comfy bed after dinner so we could watch some Law and Order substitute-- Cold Case. Eh, it was okay. :)
The next morning, on our actual anniversary (July 31) we went out to Walker Brothers for some delicious breakfast. Now Marcus is at work and I'm organizing this messy apartment. We have small group tonight, which is why we decided to celebrate our anni the day before. But really, waking up together in a nice hotel and then going out to a nice breakfast on the morning of our anni was really nice. I think we might make it a tradition!

Happy Three Years, Marcus!

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The Hangs said...

cute! good for you guys! miss ya!