Saturday, July 26, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!

This is Marcus proudly announcing that I am 25:

I had a great birthday! This morning at our softball game we were tied until the bottom of the last inning and then I hit the game winning RBI! It was so fun. The team came out on the field and Marcus picked me up and everyone was cheering and hi-five-ing me. I was so nervous when I was up to bat because the other team intentionally walked the batter before me because they assumed I'd either strike out or pop it up and get out, but right before I went to the plate my manager came up to me and said all seriously, "All you have to do is hit a grounder and the runner on third will make it home and we'll win." YIKES. No pressure! But I did it, and it was soooo fun.

Then we came home, showered, and went to lunch at this place in Deerfield that we've always wanted to try, but turned out to be a dud- Kevin's Place. I don't so much recommend it.

Then we came home and I opened my present and we frosted my cake-- which was so cool because Marcus works next door to a bakery and they always throw out their yummy excess cakes once they cut them into the shape they want them for display- so this guy from Marcus's work goes over there every week or so and asks if they have any extras that they're going to throw out and brings it back to the music store for the guys to share. So this time Marcus got some deliciously fresh yellow cake (my fave) and we bought some chocolate frosting to go with it. This ain't your box-mix cake, ladies and gentlemen! It was so delicious!!
Then we went out to Thai Noodles Cafe in Libertyville. Marcus and I are on a Thai-tasting-rampage! We've been trying new Thai places all summer in search of the best! He's been raving about this place since college, so I finally got to go test it out. Indeed, it was scrumptious! After that we went on a walk in this park in Vernon Hills so we could digest a bit before hitting up Cold Stone- the only one still open in the north suburbs is in Vernon Hills and I've had these gift cards for a couple months now, so it was good to finally find one that hasn't shut down. It was delicious as well. After that we rented Juno and came home and watched it while I pigged out on my leftover dinner. haha. It was good to finally see the movie since everyone's been raving about it for so long. :)

I hope you all have fabulous birthdays in the coming year! :)

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