Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Birthday with Family

Mi familia was in town to help Brittney and Dan move in to their new apartment and we were able to go out to dinner and celebrate my birthday. I loved all of my gifts and appreciated everyone who sent gifts as well as brought them to me themselves! :) Thanks for everything!Here is a pic of the family who were able to come visit...our waitress Susie took it for us. haha.

This is totally one of my FAVORITE things I got. Rowan made me a card that says "Happy 24th Birthday Forever!!!!" -- haha, because he knows how much I was dreading turning 25 and when he asked me how old I was turning a couple of weeks ago, I told him that I will be 24 forever. He is so darn cute and thoughtful!

Joni sent me a frame, some lotion, and some stationery. Thanks, BFF!

Brittney got me some earrings from Aruba. Ooh-la-la

My parents got me some workout clothes amongst other things. :) YAY!

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