Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pain and Suffering


The race was tough. 5 miles, I know. Not too much. Well. It was a bit much for little ole' me!

Saturday night after the race Jodi had me ice my ankles, but they certainly killed. Sunday it was difficult to walk, but better than Saturday. Sunday night at home I slept with some ice on them. Monday during the day was okay, I didn't ice at night.

Today at work was miserable. Especially at the end of the day. I could barely walk. Literally. Thankfully my jr. block observing student could walk me students around for me. I came home and iced for an hour. Driving home was extremely painful- you have no idea how much you use your ankles to accelerate and brake! :)

Tonight at orchestra I was okay, but during the break I stood for about 10 minutes and then was in much pain. I came home, took of my shoes and socks and lo and behold:

(Don't mind the butterfly tattoo- it's fake- from our girls' weekend)

My ankles look HUGE. Normally, my feet are extremely bony and thin (ugly, in my opinion) but now you can see...they look ginormous.

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. Hopefully nothing is wrong, but Marcus wants me to get it checked out just in case. :( The problem that is concerning us is that it's getting worse and not better as the days go on.


The Hangs said...

yikes! They do look swollen! SOrry!! I hope your dr. visit goes well. Let me know!

The Hangs said...

any news on the cankles? :) I couldn't resist...