Monday, March 16, 2009

3rd Annual Missouri Girls' Weekend!

What a weekend!

Every year over President's Day weekend, Meg and I head down from Chicagoland to visit our roomie and CBF (College Best Friend) Jodi in St. Louis-land. This year, Prez Day Weekend fell on Valentine's Weekend, so in lieu of being romantic, we pushed our girls weekend back by a month. It turned out to be fabulous coming in March because 1. it was super nice out, and 2. it was closer to Jodi's birthday. :)

We got there late Friday night at about 9:30. Even though at every stop on the way Meg reminded me not to lock my keys in the car, as soon as we parked on Jodi's street, it happened!

Here they are on my front seat, as seen through the side window.

Thankfully, one of Jodi's good friends is a cop!! She had just gone on duty for the late shift and came to our rescue. It was her first time getting into a locked car. Lucky for me, it was not my first time, so I was able to guide her through the steps. lol.

Then, just for fun, I got cuffed! She is one tough cop. I got frisked and yelled at a whole bunch too. Those cuffs actually hurt! I never knew.
Bright and early the next morning, we headed down to St. Louis! We were running the St. Patrick's Day 5 mile race! I have only been training for it since I got back from India and even that didn't get intense until a couple of weeks ago. In my training I had only made it to 3 miles, which is by far the longest I've ever run...
There were over 9,000 runners plus zillions of watchers, so it was totally cool! Here we are before we started...
For those of you who know me it may not surprise you that I needed a bathroom break! lol. Right at about 2.5 miles I couldn't hold it anymore! Keep in mind, I had last gone like 2 hours prior to that point. The line was long, which affected our time, but oh well!

Here we are after we finished! They got a little ahead of me, but we all finished right around an hour (bathroom break taken into account). I did run the whole thing!!!! I couldn't believe I did, but I did! Then afterward we spent about 15-20 minutes looking for each other and I almost started crying/panicking that I was lost and alone in St. Louis amongst like 10,000 people. Thank you God that we found each other!
Jodi had bought us matching bows. I thought they'd help us find each other, lol. But I guess not. They were still adorable nonetheless. :)

Here's Meggie looking adorably "mod" at church the next day.
Since it was nice out, we went to Main Street in St. Charles where there are many darling little cute shops along a brick road. We went into this antique-y button and fabric scrap shop and I got these:
For the past few weeks I've been really wanting to get crafty and Friday before I left for the trip I got an email response to my freecycle ad I posted and I'm getting a sewing machine tomorrow (for free)!!!! I'm soo excited.

It was a fabulous weekend. Getting back to work today was hard! Now it's time to do things I normally do on weekends like grocery shop and laundry...

Have a good week!

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