Monday, March 30, 2009

Oh life

After a busy weekend of being in class, Saturday night we decided we needed a date! It has been quite awhile since we've gone out on a date, besides grabbing a bite to eat here and there, which honestly, we haven't done much of lately since we're pinching pennies for the house.

We got a little dolled-up and went out to one of our fave places, Thai Thai, in Deerfield. It was great. Afterward, we went to Starbucks staffed by Trinity students and alum where we were hooked up with some sweet discounts and yummy beverages. We played a fun game of Scrabble and just spent time together. It was wonderful.

Oh yeah...and I won! (The second time ever in our marriage!)

Sunday was very busy. We had many things to do at church. We drove an hour through the crazy spring break blizzard downtown for orchestra rehearsal. After the service, we parted ways to split up our volunteer duties that wound up all on the same Sunday. I went up to make coffee and greet for Sunday school while Marcus manned the Softball Sign-up kiosk. After Sunday school, we split again while Marcus chilled out at the fellowship luncheon and I attended a VBS meeting.

After church and meetings, I went to my sister's house while Marcus and his bandmates went to a recording studio. Check out this insanely cool fold-up man-powered treadmill Dan got!

After a couple hours at my sister's, I picked up Marcus and we headed over to his bro's house. His two younger sisters met up with us and we had a family evening of dinner, games, movies, and hanging out. It was fun!

Today was my first day of spring break. I'm hoping that a week off my feet will heal my poor ankles right far, that's not happening. They are STILL swollen, even though it is less. Marcus was touching them trying to see where the swelling was and I was instantly in tears from the pain. I don't think there's much we can do except wait. I'm icing them now as I type.

After some yummy pizza (I didn't cook today because I spent all afternoon trying out my new sewing machine!!!) we're relaxing and watching a Wal-mart documentary, lol.

I hope to get to see some of you this week over break! :)


The Hangs said...

oh your poor ankles!! but YAY for spring break baby!!!

Brittney said...

that treadmill is turning out to be quite handy! what a deal. PS i'm glad you won scrabble!