Thursday, March 26, 2009

I Hate Change...

But I'm working on dealing with it anyway. :)

Not only does change itself not suit me well, logistically, it is just time consuming. Change implies ever-growing to-do lists, faltering emotions, and little quality time with friends and spouses. Change means paperwork, faxing, printing, phone calls, meetings, and teeth grinding. And people wonder why I'm stressed. I don't cope well with this much to do!

The following changes are impending in my life:

1. Residence
2. Job
3. Grad school

The worst part of it all is that I really have no clue when any of these changes will take place, I only know that they are upon me. Well, the grad school one I know. Lord willing, beginning June 1st, I will be in a different grad program. I am transferring from Trinity to Walden University to start their program for Masters of Public Administration and Local Government Management. I am quite excited about this, actually. The program looks great and it's geared directly toward what I want to do with my life.

The house...well, we're waiting on paperwork from the bank and whatnot. Hopefully we'll know next week if we can get it. Our loan was approved at our meeting yesterday with the lender, but nothing's for certain until we sign the dotted line...right? :) We'll see. Marcus is growing weary with the waiting game. Closing the house is scheduled for April 30th.

Job. EEK! Don't even go there with me. I don't want to leave my job- I love it! But, if we move, I obviously need a job there. So, I'm looking. Please pray that asking my current employers for letters of recommendation doesn't result in me losing my current job! :)

By the way, my ankles still hurt BAD!!! The swelling is down, but I still can't walk very well. :)

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