Sunday, March 1, 2009

No news is good news

I realized I haven't updated in awhile...well, for me it's awhile. :) But, I really have no new news! It was a super hectic week. The highlights are as follows:

Monday: Board Meeting for my school district. Highly interesting. I was only able to attend 2.5 hours of the 4 hour meeting. Crazy stuff happening in our district...mainly my school.
Tuesday: Orchestra
Wednesday: NO LESSONS--Thank goodness, I needed a break. My students all did fabulously at solo and ensemble contest though, which was exciting.
Thursday: I ran 2.25 miles!! That might sound like nothing to some of you, but I've been "training" for a 5 mile race (which is in 2 weeks) and that's the farthest I've gotten so far. I jumped up to that from only doing 1.5 the previous run. Woo hoo!!
Friday: Orchestra concert. I am glad it is over. I was not a fan of that music. New music comes this week. Also, my pal Julie who plays horn with me had her two kiddos there. I have not seen them since August! They are so big and cutie-patooties (to use my BFF Joni's word).
Saturday: We babysat for my friend from work. Her baby Maddie is just hilarious. You may remember my posts of her in the past. She was a riot and we had a blast.
Sunday: Church. Then I met up for coffee with my pal Melody out in Arlington Heights while Marcus had band practice. We are rekindling our long-lost friendship. Well...not exactly "lost," but normally we only see each other once a year. So far for 2009, we've gotten together three times! This is a record since college graduation. :)

Also, if you'd like to pray for Marcus and me...we are debating and praying over a few decisions that are upcoming.
1. As part of my grad program, I have two classes to take in France. Summer 2009 or 2010? That is the question.
2. Still working through the whole buying a house thing...meeting with a realtor on 3/21

Now here it is Sunday afternoon and I think I'm going to lay down, read a book, and take a nap. Other items on today's agenda possibly include hitting the gym (like I said, two weeks till that race and I'm only about half way to 5 miles) and going to Target.

Tomorrow is no school and I'm going to hang with my pal Erica and hopefully go workout at her gym. I love to see her on no-school Mondays. :) (Erica, I do not hold it against you that you blew me off on Presidents' Day...haha, jk. You know I love you.)

For the sake of posting a picture, because I know posts are always more interesting with a picture, I am posting one I took of myself on Friday with my French Horn necklace. One of my third-graders gave it to me and I wore it in honor of my concert that night. It is too cute (the necklace, not the pic).
Jodi, the awkward "no-teeth smile" is just for you! :)

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jodi jackson said...

LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for the tribute :) loved it!