Monday, March 9, 2009

Busy Weekend!

I forgot to take any pics of real people this weekend, but that's okay. I was just enjoying myself sans camera!

Friday night we went to Deerfield High School to see a lovely young lady we know perform in the musical, Little Shop of Horrors. It was downright fabulous. I am always a fan of high school musicals and am consistently blown away by the talent at them whenever we go (which isn't frequently, but still). This musical was fantastic!! Way to go, Jade!!

After the musical, we went out with long-time friends (and parents of the actress), Rob and Tricia. They have been many things to both Marcus and me over the years. During college we both spent time (separately) living at their house. We've been mentored by them in many ways (Marcus did his field experience in college with Rob) and they did our premarital counseling and Rob was the pastor at our wedding. Friday night we went out to Denny's for a yummy fries and chocolate milkshake event and talked it up until about 12. I hadn't stayed out that late in a long time!

The next morning we got up bright and early (well, it wasn't bright, it was cloudy) to head downtown to a conference. It was great! We got to see/hear two very famous speakers, Mitch Temple and Howard Dayton (we are big fans!!). Howard Dayton is the author of many books and president (I believe?) and cofounder of Crown Financial Ministries without which we would be financially lost. It was so exciting to be 10 feet away from him listening to money and marriage advice. Wow. The rest of the evening was spent just relaxing and doing our usual Saturday activities (laundry, grocery shopping, etc.)

Sunday we went to church, again very early, because I had to play in the orchestra and plus daylight was great. We got to come home early though because there was no Sunday school due to our class being gone on retreat. We ended up not going on the retreat, which was great because we had such a good weekend anyway. Sunday afternoon we took a 3 hour nap! That helped catch us up from the time change and busy weekend. Sunday night Marcus's sis Lindsey came over to hang out a bit and I cut her hair. It was a relaxing Sunday, which I loved.

Now it is becoming crunch time for me for two things:
1. On Saturday I am running a 5 mile race. I am only up to 3 miles in my training. Crazy though, I never thought I could even run a mile straight. Amazing.
2. Homework! I have a bunch to do in the next couple of weeks homework-wise, so pray for me that I can stay balanced in my time management!

Hope you all have a great week! :)

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The Hangs said...

the race is this week! YOU CAN DO IT!!! And I want to hear about the conference!