Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Fun-filled Halloween!

Halloween was very fun this year! At work, our team's theme was candy. Each year we do a theme. I chose Dots, mainly cause I hoped it'd be pretty easy to make. It was. :) My sister decided to come to school for the day and it was SO fun to have her there. The kids loved it and so did I.

She was even willing to get turned into a mummy during one of the games.
After school she met up with her hubby while waiting for Marcus and I to finish work. The four of us went out to Potbelly's for dinner. While we were there, we saw this group of kids who had the most awesome costume. This picture is from my phone, so sorry for the poor quality. I think my team should consider this idea...TETRIS!!!Later, after we came back to our apartment to relax a bit, we were surprised by some adorable trick-or-treaters! Julie and Mike brought Asher and Avery cute!
He was a horse-back riding cowboy and Avery was a little candy-corn.
We had a little down time before the guys left for coffee and the gals left for my orchestra concert at Trinity. We all met up and the concert went great!

Thanks for coming!!

The after-effects of coffee were beginning to kick in...

Which was perfect, because it was time for our first (annual?) pumpkin carving contest! My students are going to judge them. It was Dan's first pumpkin carving experience.

The final products...I'll let you know who wins next week! In the meantime, what do you think?

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The Hangs said...

Very cute! (and SO fun!)
I can't wait until the kids are older to start carving pumpkins together!!