Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a speedy but great trip to Moline for Thanksgiving...
Wednesday with the Andersons
Thursday with the Carletons.
Spent Tuesday and Wednesday night at Joni and Jordan's.

Here's Maddy with one of her birthday gifts from us. Poor girl always has to wait till Thanksgiving to get her presents from us...her birthday is just a week before Thanksgiving.

Katie...I think the last pic I posted of her was one with gum in her mouth, haha.

Wednesday night we went to Phil and Missy's to play Scrabble. It was fun. Charlie cuddled up with us and I thought this would make a good Christmas card photo...if only he was our dog, lol.


Missy was giving Becca highlights...and Becca was in slight pain. I caught this snapshot at just the right moment.

Joni and Jordan have a fun dog and Marcus was enjoying playing with him Thanksgiving morning.

Bauer! The big teddy bear... :)

My bro and Marcus after the meal at my parents'...

Me being silly with my little bro.

My sis got in town just as Marcus and I were about to head back to Deerfield. We managed one pic together!
I wish I would've gotten more pics of was such a quick visit. I'm ready to do it again for Christmas! Well...not the quick part...but the visit part...

Oh the holidays.

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