Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Just thought I'd make some observations...

1. Pertussis (whooping cough) is spreading like wildfire. Eleven confirmed cases in my school alone, three of which are in my classroom, plus one out for a week awaiting test results. It has now spread to the teachers as well. Apparently this is going on throughout our county and surrounding areas. Who knew an illness would become a union issue? Oh the joys of being a union representative at work...
I think you all should get the booster/vaccine. Myself included.

2. I never knew one could drown in homeworkland. Yes, it is a place. And I am drowning in it. Who will rescue me?

3. I was pretty darn sick last week. Now Marcus has the exact thing I had. Poor guy.

4. I am so excited to start using the Promethean Board that is being installed in my room tomorrow. :)

5. Will I ever get to the gym this month?

6. Check out this picture and ponder it:

The Water Bridge in Germany


The Hangs said...

I will save you from drowning... how about we do a MK party and then see SELAH??!!! YESSSSS!!! :)

The Hangs said...

oh and my dad and I are still stumped by that "water bridge"... wierd.