Saturday, September 6, 2008

What a week that lies ahead...

Okay, so that is a random picture, but it is of me right now as I type. :)

I'm a little nervous about the week that lies ahead...well, maybe not nervous, but um...dreading it?

Marcus and I just got back from a rousing game of 21 (well, two games, and I lost both) and I took a quick shower...dinner is cooking on the stove and he is practicing bass. I thought I'd take a moment to update the blog since I haven't since last weekend. That's because nothing too eventful has taken place!

This week is going to be pretty crazy...Monday after school I have our year's first union meeting (should be interesting as we prepare for contract negotiations) and then Monday night I have night class and I have a presentation to give (which I should be preparing at this moment). Thankfully, I signed up for one of the first presentations and after this one, I'm off the hook. The only downside to that is I haven't yet seen other students do it, so I'm not 100% sure what is expected. I guess I'll just do my best. Tuesday night I have orchestra, which I'm looking forward to since I had to miss the first rehearsal last week due to Back to School Night (oh how I love working for 14 hours straight)...Wednesday night I have/get to work a recruitment for Marcus. Let me explain. At his work during back-to-school season, many times the guys there have to work nights at schools while their music teachers do band and orchestra recruitments. The kids come and try out the instruments and then they come over to the Music Center table and rent their instrument. It's a pretty convenient setup. I LOVE working at these!! Marcus was supposed to work on Wednesday night, but the band that he just joined has a show that night. He was having trouble getting out of work to play the show, so I offered to do it for him. Almost every fall, I get to work for Music Center at a recruitment or two. I think they are so much fun- I love watching the kids decide what instrument to play and of course I get the chance to hand out my card to potential horn students, haha. Plus, it's a little extra money for us, since I get paid for it. So, although that means I'll probably miss Marcus's show, I will have fun at the recruitment and he'll get to actually get to go play his show. Then Thursday night is small group, which will be good. that I see it all spelled out, maybe I'm not so much dreading all that I have to do, more just the fact that I won't really see Marcus this week and that I'll be going nonstop.

I will take this moment to now insert a happy event: tomorrow I get to meet with Sarah for coffee and hear all about her European adventures!!! I'm glad she's back! Even if it is only to leave me again shortly for the sunny, beckoning South Carolina.

Alrighty...time to watch the White Sox game-- they just tied it up in the ninth inning and now we're going into extra innings! YAY, gotta love baseball. :) Go SOX!

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