Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Back in the Swing of Things I am back in full swing. Life is going well. This week has been busy, lo and behold I have gotten to see my husband and get to bed at decent times. School is going well, the kids are all getting into a routine, and we're having fun.

I did find out that I will be most likely adding another grad class (ouch!) to my semester this year, bringing my grand total of credit hours to....12...eek. I think some undergrads (definitely not music or ed majors!!!) count that as full-time school! Well, I count it as part time considering my lovely teaching job usually pushes me well past 45-50 hours per week. :) But, this other class came up and it's one of the classes for my emphasis (International Human Rights) that is only offered at Trinity's California campus, but for this one they're going to tele-conference it and I really can't pass that up. Basically, I'll have to show up for class at the same time as the grad students out in Cali do, but I get to go to Deerfield and attend a virtual classroom via the internet. Should be cool. We'll see... I do have lots of homework to do for all four of my classes this semester and I hope I can fit it all in. I will definitely have to be diligent with my weekends!

On a completely different note, I went shopping yesterday afternoon for some "modest summery clothes" for India. I was hoping to find a bunch of things on clearance since summer is more or less over. Jackpot! I got some really cute shirts for ultra cheap at Old Navy and one at Target. I ended up coming home with five shirts and only spending $35. Too bad I have to return two since they didn't fit (oops, didn't try them on the store). Speaking of India...I'll be sending out support letters soon, so stay tuned! :)

Sorry I have no pics to post. No exciting events have been taking place lately. :) I've only been snapping shots of my students and I really shouldn't be putting pics of them on my blog! :)

Have a great week drying off. I hope you weren't too ruined by all the rain this past weekend.

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