Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hiking at Starved Rock

Saturday was my parents' 28th anniversary! So they came up for a little mini-family-gathering at Starved Rock. We had a fun time hiking and afterward we went to possibly the most random place was an indoor amusement park/pizza joint called The Enchanted Forest. It was quite an experience. We had a great day and it was fun to meet (almost) halfway without either of us having to drive a full three hours.

The girls

I know, I'm such a daredevil. At this point my mom was shouting for me to come down, which was really funny...considering I am an adult. :)

Happy Anniversary Dad and Mom!

It was fun finding random caves to attempt to spelunk. haha.

You might have wondering, "Where is Brandon?" Well...we wondered that too...until we found him here at this lodge. Oh Baldy!
(P.S. For those of you who don't know, my brother's nickname is Baldy.)

This random but cute bookshelf/dinner table.

You could sit on this man's lap for a rest after a hike if you wanted. We did!


The Hangs said...

Looks NICE!! Where's enchanted forest?

Adrienne said...

It's out there in Utica, just up the road from Starved Rock. If you go to this site:

You'll see a little pic of it that you can click on. It's kind of a strange place...for a group of seven adults. :)

sarah lynn said...

adge-this looks soooo beautiful!! looks like you and your fam had a fun, memorable time together! miss you mucho...

Adrienne said...

Both my sister and my mom have mentioned that it was my dad yelling at me to get down --not my mom. Sorry, Mom!