Monday, July 13, 2009

I'm Sore!!

We had a busy weekend and my muscles are SO sore!!

Saturday morning we had two softball games...

Then, we drove for three hours to Moline...

And painted for about four hours...

After a late night pie & coffee date with my BFFs from Moline, we slept for eight hours and then got up and painted and worked on the house straight until about 6 PM.

We finished painting two rooms, though!

I finished the office (which I think I am changing the name to "the den" because it's going to be more than an office- more like a music/computer/library type of room. Any name suggestions? Is that a "den" technically?

See that closet in the corner? We're going to make it into a little walk-in bookcase. :)

Haha, don't mind the patio furniture in the dining room. It's all we've got for now!

...and Marcus finished the porch!! He did the ceiling and gave everything another coat. It looks fabulous!

We obtained this old couch from our old church library. Right now it is in the garage, but I went in to see where people were, and I found Marcus, our niece Maddy, and brother-in-law, Phil chilling on the couch in the garage. Ha! We say it's a psychiatrist couch. Not sure yet where we'll put it, but it's pretty cool.

By the way, the garage is where we've been storing the carpet and tile we've ripped up, so that explains the interesting foot rest they're using. :)

Ho much as I love my life in Deerfield, when will we get to move in to OUR house??!

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