Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Adge Day #2

Today was my special day with my favorite little Kayleigh. She is such an adorable kiddo and a real goofball. She would even say so herself.

When I brought her home, this conversation took place:
Erica: Were you a good girl with Adrienne?
Kayleigh: I was a silly girl!

We went to "Color Me Mine" in The Glen. She picked out....

A WAND! (of course)
(note: she's wearing the dress I made her) :)

So talented...

Then we went to Noodles & Co for lunch. Yummy!!

Thank you for a special day, Kayleigh Bayleigh!! I love you!!
...and thank you, Erica, for letting me take your little bundles out on the town,
and for paying for it! :)

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The Hangs said...

haha... CUTE!! ANother free blog post so I don't have to!! SWEET!!