Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Adge Day #1

Today Malachi had an "Adge Day"...which is what I am affectionally titling my special days with other people's kids. :)

We were planning to hit up a water park, but it was dreary, cold, and drizzly today. So, after about an hour of me ransacking google to find an alternative, turns out the little tyke already had a plan. I called up Erica (my pal and his mom) this morning to discuss plan B. Malachi already had it decided: River Trails Nature Center.

I had never been there before and he was a great host, showing me around.

It was cold and buggy, so we mostly stayed inside.

We took a moment to cheese it up for the camera. (Note the hoodies we are yes, don't be deceived, it is July 1st).

We went fishing. After I expressed concern about him going over the fence and into the "water," he informed me that he was just standing on the bridge.

Then, after his request for pancakes for lunch, we hit up Omega. We practiced finding and sounding out the word "pancake" on the sign. (Erica- have him look at this pic, he should be able to tell you which word is "pancake.")

We were the only people there under the age of 80. It was great! He ate a huge Mickey Mouse pancake and then one of mine as well. Ha!

He was very proud of his creamer tower.

Thanks for a fun day, buddy! I love you! (Even if you only say it back to me with an embarrassed cough ;)

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The Hangs said...

haha... LOVE IT!!!
He felt SO special!
Thanks for being SO GREAT! (and thoughtful and great and sweet and GREAT!!)