Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Adge Day #3

When I went to pick up Selah for my third and final "Adge Day," I was greeted by Buzz Lightyear:

On my way to the Hang household, I stopped by Color Me Mine to pickup Kayleigh's wand. It turned out so cute!! She loved it.

I took Selah to a fabulous park in The Glen. This place is really very cool. At first she was totally uninterested. She wanted to just sit. Check out this park!

It had a cool sprinkler thing...uninterested...

But then we found this huge sandbox! She became interested!
We rested on the big wooden swings...
Looked at the beautiful gardens...

...and played in the sand some more.
Then we met up with Erica and the other kiddos for some yummy lunch at Potbelly's.

Maybe she'll enjoy her Adge Days more when she's a little older. We still had a fun time together, though. :)
She just wasn't quite sure what to do with herself without her siblings around.
I love you, Selah! Thanks for a special day!

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The Hangs said...

YAY!! Free post #3!!! :) Thanks for a fun day!! :)