Sunday, January 24, 2010

What a Weekend!

Tomorrow is my mom's 49th birthday! Such a youngin'. :)
In honor of her birthday, my dad surprised her for the weekend.
On Friday, he put her on the Amtrak and sent her to Chicago. My sister picked her up and the rest was history! My sis, Dad, and I had planned the whole weekend and everything was a surprise.

Friday night, we went to On the Border for some yummy Mexican.
Then, we stayed at the Embassy Suites and enjoyed the made-to-order breakfast the next morning.
After we checked out, we took her to get our nails done.

Then, after a quick lunch at Potbelly's, we took the Metra downtown and surprised her with a show at the Cadillac Palace Theater.

It was FABULOUS!! I LOVE live musicals and this did not disappoint.

Then, we wandered around downtown a bit...

(We weren't at this theater- it was across the street from ours.)

We stopped at Anthropologie...LOVE that place, but way out of my price range...

Then, we ate dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. YUM!

(you can kind of see my nails in this pic, haha) - and yes, that is red velvet cake and cheesecake in layers. Delicious. I could only eat two bites.

Then we headed out to take the train back to Deerfield.

My mom stayed at our place and then we went to church in the morning. After church, we drove out to Lou Malnati's for lunch. She LOVES that place. But...the surprises didn't end yet!

We had it all arranged...and as we were being seated, we hear a little voice yell out, "SURPRISE!" She had no clue...the family had driven up from Moline to have lunch together and to bring her back.

Cutest little Miss Thang.

Happy Birthday, Mom! We love you!
We had such a fun weekend!!!

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