Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas with the Carletons

Every year we spend Christmas day with my family. We go over early for breakfast, open presents, lounge around all day, and then have a big lunch/dinner.

My sister went all Martha Stewart-y and made these cool place settings.

Look at her pajamas!!! and all that eye shadow!!!!

Marcus got some coffee...and a new French Press (since ours got ruined in the kitchen flood)!!

We got my dad some hand-held games and I made a cover for a little basket to put them in.

I had to post a pic of my sis in real clothes... :)

Emily, my bro's girlfriend, and my brother, and me doing a crossword or two. Classic.

ZamZam got some shoes (and lots of other things) which she was quite excited about. :)

That'll do it for the Moline Christmases...
What is your favorite Christmas tradition?

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