Saturday, May 30, 2009

Some New Things

This is just a post to update you all on a few things...

1. Last week I had a job interview in Moline. God had it planned that I would not get the job. I have a complete peace about it.

2. Yesterday I was asked to move from Elementary Director to Director (of all) of our church's VBS. Perhaps this is why God didn't want me thinking about moving this summer? Again, I am filled with peace, as well as humility...God will use my weaknesses to make this work.

3. I start my new grad program on Monday. I am nervous yet excited. I am now working toward a Masters in Public Administration and Local Government. I have lots to learn.

4. 6 days and 1 hour left until school is out. Poolside, here I come!

5. Oh! And this is students threw me a surprise party yesterday! Just for fun and to say "thanks." It was the cutest thing. I never knew they were so capable of running the show!

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