Friday, May 15, 2009

New Post, finally

Hi friends!

It's been awhile since I posted! We've been busy...but not taking pics. :( Sorry!

We've had a fun week or so seeing friends and family, working, and enjoying the nice spring weather we've had lately.

I forgot to announce that my sister moved in to our apartment complex! We jokingly call ourselves "Dormies" because we just walk outside and in the other door and we're there! We now see each other almost daily. It's the best!!!

Last night I made her a skirt for her birthday. And I'm not worried about posting that because she already saw it...I needed to try it on her to adjust a few things. I'll post a pic of her in it after I officially give it to her for her birthday next week.

With the extra fabric I trimmed off the hem, I made myself this headband:

On another note, did anyone see The Office last night!?!? HOLY COW!!!! There is only one show I regularly watch, and that is it. Last night's episode was great (especially the end) but I won't give anything a way. Check your DVR or go to to see it for yourself! :)

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The Hangs said...

We did watch the Office... I called it! :) Anyway, I didn't know you and your sis are dormies! I'm jealous! My kids can't wait for this weekend. Kayleigh was supposed to be going somewhere with Peter and she said, "Is Selah going to play with Marcus?" I said, "YES!" She said, "THen I'm staying too!" I had to clarify that she was not playing with Marcus yet... But she was so excited at the thought that she took off her jacket and was staying til Marcus gets here! :) haha...
Oh and of course you can do laundry!!