Monday, February 8, 2010

Onesies- Batch #2

Oh how I love it when my BFF gives me onesies to doll-up for baby Kennedi.

You can see my first batch of onesies I whipped up over winter break here.

She gave me some more and I've been having fun...
on almost all of them....
The one with the laundry hanging out to dry...not so fun.
I got in over my head on that one and it was a pain in the butt...AND I broke a needle on my sewing machine.

But, it sure looks cute!

I even made a matching headband to go with one of them.
The pink and green one had some design/phrase on them that Joni wanted covered up, so my ideas had to be spaced just right. :)


Thanks, Joni, for letting me get all crafty on your baby's onesies!
I'm going to post a pic of Kennedi here that I stole from Joni's facebook (I do not take credit for the photography or for the cuteness of the babe!)

1 comment:

The Hangs said...

WAY cute!! My favorite is the one with the clothesline. SO cute!! You go girl!