Sunday, February 28, 2010

Craft Day

While the guys watched hockey...

 My sister and I made crafts!
She brought over an origami kit and we tried our hand at the ancient art.

We made swans:

and then Samuri Hats:

and then turned the hats into fish...complete with googly eyes!

Next came the turtles:

We thought our pet turtle would like some friends. He was not interested.

And then came the real fun stuff!
Flower pins/hairclips.
We attempted to follow a tutorial on making fabric flowers, but we floundered a bit.
We glued a pin and a hairclip on the back to make them versatile.
Here is the result:

(sorry for the photo quality- I'm getting a new camera soon!)

Oh, and how could I forget the lovely origami pinwheels we made, which Brittney recommended I put in the "garden" on our windowsill.

Thanks for a fun day, Britt! Let's do it again sometime. :)


Brittney said...

are you trying to say that origami wasn't "real" fun??? i mean, i thought those samuri hats were pretty awesome and useful.

btw i put the purple flower in annika's hair the other day - haha! i'll have to show you a pic... it was basically as big as her head

Esti Tisler said...

Adrienne, I love those fabric flowers! You must teach me how to make them. What a perfect addition to any simple top, or belt, or purse...the possibilities are endless