Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Crafting for Baby

My bestest best friend forever is about to have her baby!!
She is due Thanksgiving Day.
We'll see what happens!!
I've been making her some things...
Some requested and some for fun...
Check it out!

...a nursing gown- she asked for one of these to wear in the hospital. It is so soft! ...and has little openings for nursing. Sorry if that's too much info, but I had to model to demonstrate it for her.

Plus, a little matching onesie for the baby, Kenndi.

Joni also asked for a warm blanket for the winter months...hope she likes it!


Uthpastorwife4life said...

very nice Adge! I really like your work!!! You could totally sell your stuff! I'd buy it! I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

The Hangs said...

What a scandalous post!! :)
I thought maybe the K was for Kayleigh! :) haha... just kidding. You have made tons of stuff for my kids. :) I hope she LOVES it! She will!! :) Miss you!