Thursday, September 24, 2009

Baby Blanket #1

I've made my first baby blanket!

It is for a friend of mine who is due in early November. Angie is in my small group and it's been so fun getting to know her over the past couple of years. She and her hubby are expecting their first baby (and the first baby in the small group!) the first week of November.

The ladies in our small group are throwing her a shower on Saturday. If I ever remember to bring my camera home from school, I'll be sure to post pics of the shower.

In the meantime, here's the blanket I made for the baby. They're going to be surprised about the sex, so I had to go neutral. It's hard to do!! :)

I got this idea for a ribbon blanket from a woman at my work who's been making smaller versions- burp rag size (but quilted, so cool!)- for all the pregos at school for years. They are so darn cute that I just had to try my hand at it.

I chose a super soft cotton-y material for one side and a fleece for the other side. I pinned it together inside out, with the ribbons looped on in the inside. Sewed around the square, all except a few inches on one side, flipped it inside out, sewed up the opening, and VIOLA!

It's SO cozy! I wish I was a baby wrapped up in it!

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