Saturday, August 8, 2009

Visit from our Nieces!

Things have been absolutely crazy around here!!
Besides being fully engrossed in VBS, we had an exciting visit from our nieces.
Each summer we have them come with us for a week.
This summer was the first time with the little one. ;)
Marcus's sister and her hubby enjoyed a vacation getaway for their 10th wedding anniversary while we enjoyed some fun times with the girls.

It is late and I took zillions of pictures of our very full, busy, and fun days.
S,o for the sake of time, I'm sharing a few of my favorites:

Aww, aren't the precious!?
Thanks girls, for a fun week!!

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Life with Ash and Ave said...

How fun! What a great auntie you are to take them for a full week! Such a blessing for your SIL I'm sure. :)